KARUIZAWA Outlet★Food Court★8 Local Shops offering Cheap but Qualified food (with Coupon)

Are you looking for qualified Japanese food with reasonable price at Karuizawa Outlet? Or are you looking for a chop-chop meal because you've enjoyed shopping too much and are pressed for time?

Then you should definitely go to the Food Court.  There are 8 famous local shops, which offer cheap and qualified food. They are not just "good" but some shops have even won a local prize!! Price range is 1000yen ~2000yen with drinks per person, which can be almost a half price of other restaurants nearby.

Basic information of Food Court


Food court is shown in red below. It's 5 minutes walk from JR Karuizawa station.
>>Official map




There are kids-space inside the Food Court. Toddlers and small kids can play in this area. Don't forget to take off your shoes!! Parents and grown-ups can sit at nearby kids-sized-tables and enjoy meals while kids play in this area.

If you are traveling with babies and toddlers, you might need to change their diapers and/or breast-feed them. Don't panic if you smell SOMETHING WRONG from your kids! Bathrooms and nursery rooms are located just next to the Food Court.

Menu of 8 Shops

Japanese menu are shown below but there should be English menu at actual shop!!

Rahmen Nishiki(FC-01)

Rahmen Nishiki is originally from Akita prefecture in North Japan. It won "the longest line prize" at Tokyo Rahmen event for 4 years in a row.

●Zenbu-Nose (All in) Rahmen/ Shio(Salt) flavor 1150yen+tax

Rahmen nishiki, karuizawa outlet shopping mall
Its soup was not too thick/fatty and it's stomach-friendly Rahmen, I can recommend this to both male and female. If you are very hungry, you might want to order side-dishes with additional ca.400 yen.

Broil Karuizawa(FC-02)

Broil Karuizawa outlet shopping mall food court

●Tokusen(Special) Ishiyaki Karubi-don (980yen+tax)
Broil-special ishiyaki karubi don karuizawa outlet food court
It tastes good but portion is quite small. If you are hungry, you might want to order additionally, something like Okonomiyaki and/or Takoyaki below.

●Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki (800 yen & 500 yen +tax respectively)
Okonomiyaki Takoyaki@Broil Karuizawa outlet food court
These are very popular among non-Japanese tourists. And they taste GOOD💛 Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki always taste good^^


Shinsyu Gourmet Farm (FC-03)

Shinsyu gourmet farm karuizawa outlet food court

This shop offers sausages from local butcher "Chouzumeya" and fresh eggs from famous local farm "Chatamaya", which locates a bit far from center Karuizawa. I personally love its cream puff made with fresh eggs! It's sooo yummy, but unfortunately not available here at the food court.

If you are interested in ham and sausages from "Chozumeya", which is famous for being "Karuizawa-brand" among Japanese tourists, you should definitely try Mixed Sausages set (980yen+tax) here.

●Sanzoku yaki (980yen +tax)

This menu is one of the most popular menu among Japanese tourists,  especially among young male Japanese who are "big eater" including my husband^^  These fried chicken are crispy but not too oily/fatty.  Even I go for it when I feel like eating a lot.

●Oyako-don (920yen + tax)

Oyako-don is everybody's favorite^^  My kids love this menu! Eggs are from aforementioned "Chatamaya".


Udon BINMUGI (FC-04)

Udon menu karuizawa outlet food court

●Kuro(black) ASAMA Udon
●Hiyashi(cold) Tantan Udon (880yen and 908yen+tax, respectively)

If you UDON lover, this is the shop you should order. Udon noodles offered here are soft, chewy, al-dente, and NOT soggy!!

You can use a coupon to get an extra-large serving for free!  Please show the web coupon when ordering! 

>>Coupon to get an extra-large serving for free! But one extra-serving only for one group!


Steak TAN (FC-05)

Steak menu at Karuizawa outlet foodcourt

Steak house TAN offers Shinsyu WAGYU beef(信州和牛) from local Nagano prefecture. If you are big WAGYU beef fan, then this is the shop you want to try out. Price rage is slightly higher than other shops.


Chinese Fried Rice WAN DIN KI (FC-06)

fried rice Chinese menu at Karuizawa outlet food court

If you are looking for Chinese fried-rice or if you want to avoid a long queue,  this is the shop I would like to recommend. They serve food very fast and all their set menus come in big portion!

●Popular Anpanman(あんぱんまん)kids menu (680yen +tax)
All the Japanese kids love Anpanman (あんぱんまん), and so do my kids too(1 and 4 years old). This set comes with a small toy, such as small tea cups or piano set (Sorry, pictures are not available at the moment). If your kids love Anpanman already, or if your kids are in bad/grumpy mood, this is the menu you might want to order for them^ ^ I'm sure their face will shine again.

●Subuta(sweet and sour pork) and Gyoza(fried dumpling) set (1480yen+tax)

●Mabo-tofu and Gyoza (fired dumpling) set (1280 yen +tax)
Mabo-tofu at chinese food court at Karuizawa outlet

You can use a coupon to get 10% off on order of 3000 yen and more! Please show the web coupon when ordering!

>>Coupon to get 10% off on order of 3000yen or more!


Karuizawa Flat Breads (FC-07)

Karuizawa Flat Breads is the burger shop where you can enjoy American style burger and sandwich with WAGYU beef.


Cafe and Deli (FC-08)

This shop offers drinks, soup and cafe-style food.  There's always a long queue with fashionable youngsters. If you want to share your meal on SNS, then this might be the place for you!

JFYI, there are several free-water servers in the food court. Plus, if you want to avoid long queue, you can get drinks at reasonable price in the Convenience store(7/11) outside the food court^^


My Singaporean friends asked me once whether food is authentic here at food court in Karuizawa outlet.

Let me be honest with you. I wouldn't say you can get “authentic Washoku (Japanese food)” at food court, but you can get "authentic food" for the price you pay.  Plus, Japanese tourists also enjoy eating at food court !

Again, "authentic" shops are selected here at food court in Karuizawa outlet. They are nice and tasty from Japanese perspective too, so don't worry, just enjoy your meal here. Bon appetit!

If you use the coupon, don't forget to show it when ordering!!